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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2020): ToMS ~ April 2020
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This issue is specially dedicated to the ongoing pandemic, due to which employees in higher education have encountered an unprecedented challenge. Observing the necessary preparations to implement distance learning in the university routine, they are now facing a more demanding work. Distance learning includes self-learning of new applications and tools, preparations for on-line lectures, recording of video lectures, and record of student attendance. It leads to one-to-one learning, which is infinitely more demanding than lecturing ex-cathedra. The most problematic segment is examination on-line, which depends on the student’s honesty, and it is bound to present a completely new experience, both for teaching staff and students. However, as life goes on, a new Journal issue is about to be released, demanding even more difficult tasks from the Editorial team. We can say: “Of course we will publish the best submitted papers. Of course it will be on time. Of course we are already working virtually in the Open Journal System (OJS).” However, it is not quite the same.
We already have science, education, institutional, administrative jobs on-line, as well as working at home. Issues are being published, but the following question arises: Is our future virtual?

Published: 2020-04-20

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