References and Citation

References cited in the manuscript are listed in a separate section immediately following the text. The authors should verify all references. ToMS uses Harvard citation and reference style. Usage of DOIs is mandatory. You can check/find DOI links for specific references on the official CrossRef Metadata Search webpage.


Examples of citation in text:

It is well known fact (Strang and Nquyen, 1997; Antoniou, 2006) that FT is not an appropriate tool for analyzing nonstationary signals since it loses information about time domain.

First group of authors (Vetterli and Gall, 1989) proposed Multiresolution Signal Analysis (MRA) technique or pyramidal algorithm. Second group (Crochiere et al., 1975; Crochiere and Sambur, 1977) proposed subband coding algorithm.

Legal acts are cited as in example: The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia (Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, 2010) is the main legal source for this subject matter, as well as any other subject matter relating to the Croatian legal system.

References from the Web are cited in the text as (Author(s) last name, year of origin if known (year of accessed in other cases). If the author is unknown, such as in case of company web page, instead of author’s name, title of the web page is used.


Examples for reference section:


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Web links

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Chapter in book

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Conference proceedings

Łutowicz, M. and Lus , T., 2013. Effect of Loss of Cylinder Pressure Indicating Channel Patency on Parameters Values Obtained from Indicating Graph, Proc. 5th International Maritime Science Conference, Solin, Croatia, April 22 – 23, pp. 382-389. Available at:

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Regulations, standards or legal acts:

Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, 2010. Narodne novine, 2010(76), pp. (if known).