Presentation of Vol.1 No.1 Issue of ToMS Journal


The Institute for Scientific and Artistic Work of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Split and the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split presented the 1st issue of the international scientific journal

Transactions on Maritime Science - ToMS

Published by the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split. The presentation was took place in the premises of the Institute in Split, Trg braće Radića 7 (Milesi Palace) on April 23, 2012 (Monday) at 7:00 p.m.

The journal is published by the Maritime Faculty in Split with own forces, but with well-known names from the world of bodies in the magazines (regional editors, Advisory Board). All articles received are subject to review in a journal, with the proviso that at least one reviewer of is a stranger.

Main editorial board is from Split, mainly from our faculty, but also from FESB. How is shipping really interdisciplinary - includes a myriad of different "professions" (marine engineering, shipbuilding, all branches of electrical engineering, communications, information technology, law, economics, naval medicine, psychosociology, ecology, hydrography, multimodal transport etc.) mitigating circumstance is that in Split there are a number of institutions that can help tremendously much.

Initially the magazine will publish twice a year: in April and October.

Journal not only published in hard copy (paper) edition, but in the web edition which is free of charge. This decision will certainly expand the circle of readers, and we are extremely important to him that they can come with modest financial means, first of all students. Indeed, the editors anticipate publishing papers with students, so called Students TOMS, but which is also subject to international review.

Enclosed are photographs showing the moment of the ceremony of presenting first number of international scientific journals of our faculty.

We wish a calm sea and nice trip to our journal