Preliminary Calculations for Minehunter's Genset Foundations


  • Andrzej Grządziela Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Polish Naval Academy
  • Marcin Kluczyk Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Polish Naval Academy



Minehunter, Foundation, Shock, UndEx


The requirements for the foundations of naval vessel engines are based on classification rules devised by classification societies or/and military standardization rules. A class guideline was published, defining the requirements, acceptance criteria and machinery seating methods. There is also a schedule of basic calculation procedures for cast resin or rubber chocks which facilitates the process of machinery foundation design, preloading force calculation, the establishment of boundary conditions etc. In case of naval vessels, typical procedures do not meet tactical requirements due to potential explosion loads. Since minehunters are mainly deployed at sea, handling active, naval mines, the shock resistance calculation for the entire machinery, including the Genset, is required. The paper presents preliminary MatLab calculation methods which can be used to analyse the type, number and location of rubber or elastomer chocks. The procedure consists of input data such as UNDEX pressure and technical data of the Genset used in the Polish Navy. Calculation results include the analysis of the dynamic interaction between the Genset and the foundation, as well as the damping effect generated by the UNDEX (UNDerwater EXplosion) shock pulse.




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Grządziela, A. and Kluczyk, M. (2019) “Preliminary Calculations for Minehunter’s Genset Foundations”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 8(1), pp. 54–61. doi: 10.7225/toms.v08.n01.006.



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