Vol. 12 No. 2 (2023): ToMS ~ October 2023

ToMS 24 Cover

We are undoubtedly living in turbulent times. Turbulent in so many different ways. When we talk about science, turbulences are caused by advances in artificial intelligence (AI). In editor's waters, it relates to numerous problems and opportunities which AI can represent. One more challenge imposed on the editors is an increased use of AI tools. These problems are expected to become more frequent and will need to be addressed in future.

In this issue we continue the collaboration with International Maritime Science Conference (https://imsc.pfst.hr/) by including three selected paper. Turbulent times are represented by an ever increasing number of papers dealing with the crisis and crisis management. This is made evident in papers about geopolitical risks on international trade and influence of shipping industry by the war in Ukraine. This issue contains papers in fields of shipbuilding and about human factors in maritime business.

In total, authors of the papers come from nine different countries in three continents. Including additional countries which are not mentioned here, from the first issue of this volume, we have published the authors from a total of fifteen countries from four continents. Comparing this data with the previous volume, that of 2022, we may conclude that we have succeeded in remaining steady and reliable through these times.

The total number of reviewers has amounted to 185 for the entire volume of 2023. They come from forty-six states from five continents, the complete list provided at the end of this issue.

Published: 2023-10-21

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