Collision Damage Analysis of FPSO Hull Caisson Protection Structure


  • Ozgur Ozguc Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering



Protection structures, Structural damage, Collision event, Caisson pipes, FPSO hull vessel


The protection structures for the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) caissons should be sufficiently strong to avoid contact with the caisson pipes even when the protection structure is damaged by the impact of the accompanying vessels. Collision events of protectors of appurtenances such as risers, mooring lines, and seawater lift caissons with supply vessel may cause structural damage to protection structures and even to the appurtenance structures and hull structures. This study introduces the collision impact analyses on three protective structures of FPSO against striking supply vessel whose displacement is 7,500 tons. The capacity of protection structures in view of strain energy has been assessed with simple beam FE models. The striking vessel has been modelled as a small rigid body, and impact simulation has been performed including material and geometric nonlinearities where ABAQUS Explicit tool, which is a commercial explicit code, has been used for non-linear collision analyses with protection structures. The results from the current work will be a guide to understanding the impact response of offshore structures and evaluation approaches, and will provide useful indications for the FPSO hull caisson protection design and operation. In addition, the findings obtained by the current study will be informative in the safe design of FPSO facilities.




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Ozguc, O. (2020) “Collision Damage Analysis of FPSO Hull Caisson Protection Structure”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 9(2), pp. 130–149. doi: 10.7225/toms.v09.n02.001.



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