Numerical Assessment of FPSO Platform Behaviour in Ship Collision


  • Ozgur Ozguc Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering



Collision accident, Offshore facilities, Non-linear finite element simulation, Energy absorption, Post-collision analysis


Offshore platforms may potentially collide with vessels of various types, including visiting ships such as supply ships and passing ships. The most critical and relevant conditions, including the analysis and design approaches are introduced. Different ship types having different displacements and structural designs exert different vessel impact loads on impacted structures. This paper presents the findings of collision impact analyses of the side shell panel, bow and stern structures of Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) platforms in case of impact, e.g. by a supply vessel or methanol tanker. As collision impact simulations continue to be conducted conservatively, the colliding positions of the striking vessel are presumed to be  bow and stern only, with side force. In order to assess hull strength in collision events, non-linear FE simulations were performed by means of the MSC / DYTRAN tool, as these collision events result in more complex reactions. The degree of hull damage suffered by an FPSO vessel in different collision scenarios and at varying impact energy levels was determined in accordance with the NORSOK N-004 standard guidelines. Post-collision analyses were conducted to establish the structural integrity of the damaged hull after being exposed to environmental conditions for one year. The reduction of hull girder strength associated with the worst damage was evaluated and accounted for in the present study, providing no further damage occurs. Furthermore, the acceptance criteria for evaluation and corresponding consequences are calculated and discussed in detail. Finally, the findings from the present paper will help clarify the impact response of offshore structures and evaluation approaches and give valuable guidance for the design and operation of FPSO platforms.




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Ozguc, O. (2020) “Numerical Assessment of FPSO Platform Behaviour in Ship Collision”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 9(2), pp. 161–186. doi: 10.7225/toms.v09.n02.003.



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