The Manchester Coded Data Based OFDM (MCOFDM)


  • Igor Mazić University of Dubrovnik, Department of Electronics
  • Mirjana Bonković University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
  • Anamaria Bjelopera University of Dubrovnik, Department of Electronics



Manchester code, Haar wavelet, OFDM


This paper shows a new DWT based OFDM algorithm which significantly simplifies signal processing in the transmitter and receiver. Unlike conventional DWT based OFDM a new algorithm does not use digital modulation of subcarriers either IDWT in the transmitter. The output signal from the transmitter is formed by summing the signals on the individual subchannels, encoded with the Manchester code and sampled at appropriate frequencies. In the receiver, the channel signal and data is reconstructed using DWT and Haar wavelet. Although the signal transmission is achieved using amplitude modulation, the paper shows that BER performance is commensurable to BPSK or DMWT based OFDM in the presence of AWGN.




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Mazić, I., Bonković, M. and Bjelopera, A. (2018) “The Manchester Coded Data Based OFDM (MCOFDM)”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 7(2), pp. 154–163. doi: 10.7225/toms.v07.n02.005.



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