Argument for Evidence-Based Development of Sustainable Normative Framework for Nautical Tourism Ports: Case of Croatia


  • Tihomir Luković University College Aspira, Split, Croatia
  • Damir Piplica University of Split, Department of Forensic Sciences, Split, Croatia
  • Domagoj Hruska University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb



Nautical tourism, Development, Nautical tourism ports, Marinas, Regulations, Classification, Categorization, Concessions, Croatia


Optimization of nautical tourism development largely depends on national normative frameworks since the use of maritime property is highly regulated in every country. This paper argues that the normative regulation of nautical tourism should take into consideration the historical relation between the key determinants of economic development. The paper analyzes a 15-year period (2005-2019) with respect to six crucial indicators of nautical tourism development: the number of ports, marinas, berths, employees, coast size (aquatorium), and revenues. Our research found very strong positive relationship between: the number of nautical tourism ports and revenues(r = 0.931); number of marinas and revenues (r = 0.985); number of employees in nautical tourism ports and generated revenues (r = 0.960); number of nautical tourism ports and number of employees (0.987); number of marinas and number of employees (r = 0.965). In addition, an intermediate level of relationship was found between: size of the aquatorium used by nautical tourism ports and income(r = 0.454), and size of the aquatorium and number of employees (r = 0.652). Finally, the paper reports weak relationships between the number of ports and number of berths (r = 0.353); number of berths and number of employees; number of berths and size of aquatorium used (r=0.335). The research results related to size of aquatorium are especially important since the current Croatian regulations based on the system of concessions have a discouraging effect on this aspect of the development of nautical tourism ports.




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Luković, T., Piplica, D. and Hruska, D. (2021) “Argument for Evidence-Based Development of Sustainable Normative Framework for Nautical Tourism Ports: Case of Croatia”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 10(1), pp. 189–199. doi: 10.7225/toms.v10.n01.015.



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