Maritime and Other Key Transport Issues for the Future – Education and Training in the Context of Lifelong Learning


  • Jeannette Edler Institute for Safety Technologies and Ship Safety, Rostock-Warnemünde
  • Virginia Infante Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa



Lifelong Learning, Future Transport, Training and Education, Emerging and New Job Profiles, Employee's Needs


The entire transport system will transform into an integrated transport system in response to future trends and demands. The EU Skilful project defines the impact on job profiles across all transport modes and at all levels of work and duties. Changing and emerging job profiles require training which on the one hand makes use of the latest training and education methods, while on the other meeting the need for the acquisition of special competencies, skills and abilities. The demand for individualization of training contents will soar in the interlinked global world and integrated transport systems.

An additional questionnaire was conducted in the spring of 2018, in the assessment of the maritime and transport sectors. The answers of course lecturers and organisers concerning present and future needs and lifelong learning issues were instructive, with most of the people having concrete ideas about lifelong learning.

Courses will therefore include future oriented contents, a practicable registration procedure with information for qualified trainers capable of tailoring course contents to the specific focus of the course and participants’ requirements, giving excellent lectures with relevant learning material and real usable factors, clear structure, practical parts, remarks of concrete relevance, communication parts for improving soft skills, experience exchange and learning from other participants, intercultural aspects for globalization, reconciling mixed group needs and requirements and learning to learn methods, using different adult suitable methods and finally focusing on emotions to capitalize on the motivation to learn.

Lifelong learning is a key issue for successful employers and employees.




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Edler, J. and Infante, V. (2019) “Maritime and Other Key Transport Issues for the Future – Education and Training in the Context of Lifelong Learning”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 8(1), pp. 84–98. doi: 10.7225/toms.v08.n01.009.



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