Developing Smart Port with Crucial Domains and Indicators in the Thai Port Case: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis


  • Kittisak Makkawan Burapha University, International College, Chonburi, Thailand
  • Thanyaphat Muangpan Burapha University, Faculty of Logistics, Chonburi, Thailand



Maritime transport, Smart port performance, Smart port indicators, Smart port environment, Smart port safety, Smart port operation


The port is an important transportation hub of maritime transport, recently developing smart ship transport for the smart port. Therefore, smart port indicators (SPIs) are crucial for smart port development. Applying SPIs for port management improves the overall port performance, reduces environmental pollution, as well as promoting port safety and innovation. This research aims at confirming the smart port indicators and defining the primary strategies for smart port performance in Thailand. We have employed a questionnaire survey as a method of data collection. Descriptive statistical analysis of respondents' general information and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) has been used to test the key domains and indicators for confirming the dominant and verify the relationship of these indicators to the domains to which the indicator belongs. The results obtained comprise three main domains: smart port operation, smart port environment/energy, and smart port safety/security, using primary nineteen SPIs measurements. Furthermore, this research results have succeeded in introducing port operation to performance management in smart ports, thereby ensuring and facilitating port practice planning.




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Makkawan, K. and Muangpan, T. (2023) “Developing Smart Port with Crucial Domains and Indicators in the Thai Port Case: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 12(1). doi: 10.7225/toms.v12.n01.w03.



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