Evaluation of Montenegrin Seafarer's Awareness of Cyber Security


  • Ivan Mraković Mediterranean University, Faculty of Information Technologies, Podgorica
  • Ranko Vojinović Mediterranean University, Faculty of Information Technologies, Podgorica




Cyber security, Maritime, Risk assesment, Seafarer, Education, Cyber-security awareness


Topics on maritime cyber security have undoubtedly been attracting great public attention in recent days. The reasons are rapidly evolving computing technologies and digitalization in maritime sector. A successful cyber-attack may have catastrophic consequences and a harmful impact on people, properties or marine environment. In addition to numerous factors that pave the way for a successful cyber-attack on ships, human errors are also in the limelight as they are notorious sources of cyber-attacks today. In this research paper, the authors examine Montenegrin seafarers’ level of familiarisation with current cyber-security risks by conducting a structured survey questionnaire. After thoroughly analysing the collected answers, the authors realise that the respondents have an insufficient level of cyber-security knowledge and awareness. Lastly, using the quantitative risk assessment method, the authors propose the best practices for maritime cyber security in the form of implementation of mandatory training course.




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Mraković, I. and Vojinović, R. (2020) “Evaluation of Montenegrin Seafarer’s Awareness of Cyber Security”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 9(2), pp. 206–216. doi: 10.7225/toms.v09.n02.005.



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