Logistical Activities in the Function of Development of the Shipbuilding Industry


  • Tatjana Stanivuk University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies
  • Marko Šundov Stanouprava d.o.o.
  • Jelena Žanić-Mikuličić University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies
  • Antonija Mišura University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies




Shipbuilding industry, Logistics, Simulation, Time deviation


This paper examines the impact of supply on production results in the shipbuilding industry. The shipbuilding industry is characterized by extreme complexity concerning the integration of many other industries, and the product of this industry itself is very complex and expensive with a demanding degree of processing after-sales significant revenue. Numerous suppliers are involved in the production process, thus shipbuilding has a multiplicative effect on other industries. One of the fundamental factors for the efficiency and effectiveness of the business in this industry is the role of logistics. Supply in the shipbuilding industry is nowadays a strategic decision that actively influences business success, which is why it is considered in this paper. Simulating its impact on the production process seeks to avoid possible mistakes that cannot only weaken a company's competitive position but also its viability. The simulation concludes with a concrete example that there is a certain influence of time deviations (arrivals, exemptions, and complaints) on the increase of the basic value of the order. This paper highlights the need to maximize response speed to customer needs, through the synthesis of planning activities, business logistics, and to maintain competitiveness in an increasingly demanding global market.




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Stanivuk, T., Šundov, M., Žanić-Mikuličić, J. and Mišura, A. (2020) “Logistical Activities in the Function of Development of the Shipbuilding Industry”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 9(1), pp. 51–62. doi: 10.7225/toms.v09.n01.004.



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