English-for-Specific-Purposes Lecturer in English-Medium-Instruction Environment – Maritime English Case Study


  • Adelija Čulić-Viskota University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Split, Croatia




Maritime English lecturer, English-medium instruction, Environmentally-sustainable development


In this paper, the Maritime English lecturer's role is considered from the point of view of their ecologically sustainable development. This will be done according to the survey carried out with experienced and novice Maritime English lecturers. The survey examines the current role of a Maritime English lecturer and seeks to envisage the best course of their future development in an English-medium-instruction (EMI) environment. Thus, a questionnaire with appropriate questions for a group of respondent Maritime English lecturers was created and then distributed; next, the responses were analysed and the results’ overview elaborated; last, an attempt was made to model the Maritime English lecturer's optimum development according to the guidelines of ecological sustainability. The essential prerequisite was to consider the idea of an ecologically sustainable development process, its establishment and purpose, and how it can be overlaid onto the professional and pedagogical role of Maritime English lecturers to support their current role, but also to assist in their future development. The latter seems unavoidable due to changes in the maritime industry and requirements from the maritime educational sector.




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Čulić-Viskota, A. (2024) “English-for-Specific-Purposes Lecturer in English-Medium-Instruction Environment – Maritime English Case Study”, Transactions on Maritime Science. Split, Croatia, 13(1). doi: 10.7225/toms.v13.n01.w17.



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